Cold formed sections

Cold formed sheet piles from the PALFROID mill allow to widen the existing ArcelorMittal Belval & Differdange range of hot-rolled sheet piles by offering a greater variety of sections in accordance with European standards. Sheet piles are now available in 3 - 9 mm thick sheet steel sections within the following families :

The PAU /PAL sections with a thickness range from 3 to 9 mm, the PAZ sections with a thickness range from 5 to 9 mm

Another product should be highlighted : trench sheeting walls - structural elements incorporating overlapping joints - and their extensive range of applications.


Our catalogue entitled "Cold Formed Sheet Piles" provides a clear illustration of the complementarity within this product range, especially in dimensional terms.

The structural and dimensional properties of the sections cover a very wide range of system widths, section moduli and mass.

Development of these families has led to a natural adaptation of their interlocks. In addition to the small, medium and large size interlocks suited to their respective sections, the PAZ 44 sections incorporating intermediate size interlocks are offered.

This feature contributes to the improved modulus/weight ratio of these sections. Reputed for their quality of fabrication, cold formed sheet piles are essentially used in the structural protection of banks from erosion and collapse.

In addition to the hundreds of kilometres of waterway they equip, they are recommended for retaining walls of medium height they may also be recommended in the context of sheet pile cut off or confinement walls at polluted sites In the latter cases, the sheet pile interlocks are filled with a bituminous product prior to driving.

Used also in construction of noise barriers, sheet piles provide the possibility of fixing a sound-absorbent facing to the front of the sheet piles.