PAZ Sections



Section e b h Gsp Gw Wel,y Iy A Asp Adp
mm mm mm kg/m kg/m2 cm3/m cm4/m cm2/m m2/m m2/m
PAZ 44505,072526937,752,0612824066,20,911,77
PAZ 44606,072527045,162,2730989079,30,911,77
PAZ 44707,072527152,472,38461153592,10,911,77
PAZ 54606,080735153,966,89681698985,11,042,05
PAZ 54707,080735262,677,611231977498,91,042,05
PAZ 54808,080735371,488,4127722546112,71,042,05
PAZ 55606,074340753,972,5123325 07492,41,042,05
PAZ 55707,074340862,684,3143229 179107,41,042,05
PAZ 55808,074440971,496,0162833263122,31,042,05
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Gsp Mass per single pile
Gw Mass per wall
Wel,y Elastic section modulus
Iy Moment of inertia about the main neutral axis y-y
A Cross sectional steel area
Asp Coating area per single pile
Adp Coating area per double pile