U SectionMillions of tons of U-shaped sheet piles have been used all over the world for all kind of structures for more than 90 years.The advantages of U-shaped piles are multiple: wide range of sections forming several series with various geometrical characteristics, enabling the choice of technically and economically optimised sections for each specifi [...]read more
Z SectionAmong the essential characteristics of Z-shaped sheet piles are the continuous form of the web and the specific location of the interlock symmetrically on both sides of the neutral axis. These two attributes have a positive influence on the section modulus. The AZ® series combines a section with extraordinary characteristics with the quality-pr [...]read more
Straight Web sectionsStraight web sheet piles are designed to form cylindrical structures, generally closed, retaining a soil backfill.The stability of constructions built up like that, a steel envelope and an internal soil massive, is guaranteed by their own weight.Straight Web sheet piles are mostly used on projects where rock layers are close to ground level, where [...]read more
King Piles The HZ®-M walls are combined systems incorporating:  HZ®-M king piles as structural supports, AZ® sheet piles as intermediate infill elements.Systemwise  assembly of these basic elements yelds a multitude of possible combinations.All combinations are based on the same principle: structural supports comprising one o [...]read more
ConnectorsThe hot rolled sections RZD/RZU and RH connect the intermediary AZ® sheet piles to the HZM™ king piles to form a continuous wall.   [...]read more
Combination HZ...M-12/AZ 25-800 No more
Combination C1No more
Combination HZ...M-24/AZ 25-800No more
PAZ SectionsNo more
HP-Bearing pilesThe HP steel bearing piles are special H beams with the same thickness for flange and web. Bearing piles of this type are used all over the world for the deep foundations of various structures: housings, industrial constructions, bridges... Of the multiple advantages, the most important are the following:  Easy installation, considering dri [...]read more
PAL / PAUNo more
Trench sectionsFor the first time, an exhaustive range of trench sheeting walls is featured in our catalogue. A novelty intended to facilitate selection for users, especially in the building industry which is subjected to ever more stringent safety regulations! In the frame of harmonisation of our sheet pile series, this line of sections is now called RC 8 000.Th [...]read more
Combined wall with tubular pilesIn cooperation with ArcelorMittal Projects, ArcelorMittal Commercial RPS supplies spirally welded tubular piles from its mill in Dintelmond (NL) delivered with EN 10204 - 2004 certification. Equipped with a deep-water quay, the Dutch mill can export tubular foundation piles with diameters up to 3000 mm, wall thicknesses up to 25 mm, and lengths up [...]read more