The following software will be useful in a preliminary design but should in no way be used for final design. The technical and marketing department of ArcelorMittal Commercial RPS will provide you the necessary technical assistance to lead your project to a great success and will help you if you encounter problems using the software.



‘AMRetain™’ is a new design software developed solely for the design of steel sheet piling structures using the ArcelorMittal range of steel sheet piles. AMRetain is quite a versatile design software, based on a ‘Subgrade Reaction Model’ (also called ‘Soil Structure Interaction Model’, or SSIM). This SSIM is an excellent compromise between quite simple design methods like the ‘Limit Equilibrium method’ (LEM) and more complex ones like the ‘Finite ‘Elements Method’ (FEM).
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Comprehensive Sheet Pile Design Software for Cantilever and Anchored Wall Systems according to the Blum theory. The ProSheet 2.2 defines all the forces required for determing a sheet piling structure.

Download here (last update: August 2017)

Note that not all steel sheet piles may be available in all steel grades, and that our sheet pile range is liable to change without prior notice. Please contact us for updated information.  



Durability. Design according to EN 1993-5 & Global Safety Factor

sheet piles, durability, software
Durability is a software that simplifies the choice of a steel sheet pile section taking into account the durability of steel in different environments and the service life of the steel sheet pile structure. 

It is a simple tool, yet quite powerful, for designs based on Eurocode 3 – Part 5 (EC 3-5) or on the Allowable Stress Design (ASD) method. 

It was developed for internal use by the engineering department of ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling in Luxembourg. 

This free software can be downloaded from ArcelorMittal’s website and is revised on a regular basis (update of the database). 

If you have any questions on the software, or if you would like to make comments / suggestions, or to report bugs, feel free to contact us at:

Download Durability_3.5.2.145 (version July 2017)
Download User’s handbook.

HZ® AZ® Stresses

HZ-M/AZ design software. Screen shot
Stress analysis for the HZ® / AZ® combined wall system, based on the 'allowable stress design' method. It allows the user to easily select a solution based on the bending moments and chosen safety factor on the steel stresses. The user can also prepare a basic material list for a straight retaining wall. Additional feature: calculates the wall properties of any combination with an AZ® infill sheet pile, ranging from the AZ®800 range to the to standard AZ® range.


Download the file here (beta version, revised database from Novemberl 2019 contains new HZ 630M)



  • the values and results contained within the software are provided without warranty of any kind.
  • the software can be installed on any computer, however it might not work on all Microsoft© Windows operating systems

For further information, please contact our technical department 


'VLoad' is a new software to design the capping beam of steel sheet piles submitted to significant vertical and/or horizontal loads. It was developed to help consulting engineers with the design of cost-effective concrete capping beams, including the steel reinforcement, and based on the German ‘Zulassung’, a technical approval, granted by the ‘Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik’ (DIBt), which complies with the new European standard EN 1992.

From a practical point of view, the design based on the German Technical Approval could be applied in any country that uses similar design codes, but it is the responsibility of the design engineer to verify any technical and legal implications.

Download the file here (version 2.1)

For further information, please contact our technical department