Straight Web sections


Straight web sheet piles are designed to form cylindrical structures, generally closed, retaining a soil backfill.

The stability of constructions built up like that, a steel envelope and an internal soil massive, is guaranteed by their own weight.

Straight Web sheet piles are mostly used on projects where rock layers are close to ground level, where the excavation depth is very important or where anchoring would be difficult or even impossible. Straight web sheet pile structures are realised as circular cells or diaphragm walls depending on the site characteristics or the particular requirements of the project.

The efforts developing in these sheet pile sections are essentially horizontal traction forces requiring interlocks especially designed for declutching resistance, corresponding to the horizontal force in the web of pile.


AS® Category

Section Dimensions P A Gsp Gw Wel,y Iy AL*
b t
mm mm cm cm2 kg/m kg/m2 cm3 cm4 m2/m
AS 500-9.55009,513881,363,8128461680,58
AS 500-11.050011,013989,470,2140491860,58
AS 500-12.050012,013994,674,3149511960,58
AS 500-12.550012,513997,276,3153512010,58
AS 500-12.750012,713998,277,1154512040,58
AS 500-13.050013,0140100,679,0158542130,58
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 Note: all the straight web sections interlock with each other.

A Cross sectional steel area
Gsp Mass per single pile
Gw Mass per m / ft of wall
Iy Moment of inertia about the main neutral axis y-y
Wel,y Elastic section modulus
Sy Static moment
Wpl,y Plastic section modulus
AL   Coating area
* 1 side, excluding inside of interlocks